Gastronomic Guide of Alicante & Lifestyle 2018


Gastronomic Guide of Alicante & Lifestyle 2018


When thinking of Alicante, most people immediately think of the beaches and turrón (also known as nougat) but our amazing province is so much more that just that. Alicante and especially Costa Blanca is a well known tourist destination throughout Europe. Would you believe that this is one of the most mountainous territories of Spain or that we have some of the largest and most delicious restaurants? Well it’s true! Our restaurants are known nationally and internationally for their high levels of prestige.

The recognition for the gastronomy of Alicante comes from the diversity of products both from the interior and the Mediterranean Sea. Its millenary culture makes it a “must visit” gastronomic destination with levels of excellence incomparable to any other location in the world. Alicante is home to more Michelin stars than any other province of Spain and one of the starred dishes is our rice.

For another year, the Masia La Mota restaurant located in the Natural Park of Font Roja, has been recognized in the most prestigious Gastronomic Guide of Alicante. This guide is the best way to find the most delicious restaurants in the area. This year the foreword was written by the one and only internationally known Chef Ferran Adrià from Spain who we’ve been so lucky to host at our very own boutique hotel a few years ago.

Chef Ferrán Adrià and his brother Albert Adrià have also been in the city of Alcoy supervising the creation of their dishes at Taller de Piñero. Below is the link to the video where this famous chef explains his relationship to the restaurant Taller de Piñero with a special guest appearance by our manager Indira Amaya. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVFpSN0vukc

His restaurant Restaurante El Bulli has been named one of the best restaurants in the world for the past few years

His restaurant Restaurante El Bulli has been named one of the best restaurants in the world for the past few years. This year’s guide is the 7th edition and is made in collaboration with well known chefs including Martín Berasateguí, Quique Dacosta, Pedro Subijana, Joan Roca, Juan Mari Arzak and Joël Robuchon.

Last year’s guide was presented by Chef Kiko Molla of the Restaurant L’Escaleta of  Cocentaina. This restaurant holds two Michelin stars and can be found just a few kilometers from our very own hotel. Carlos Corredor has successfully carried out this initiative by presenting the guide at fairs, tourist information offices and at the establishments themselves. He has the support of many companies that offer the highest quality products in our province. This guide serves as a reference that allows guests to find the perfect fit for them in terms of cuisine and ensures that any reader will eat well.

This year, our manager Indira Amaya de Ameglio was able to attend the guide’s presentation at the Corte Inglés hosted by renowned self-taught Chef Susi Diaz, founder of La Finca restaurant located in Elche. Throughout the evening our manager was able to exchange impressions with this prestigious chef who holds a Michelin star and two Repsol runs, another gastronomy guide.  She was also able to mingle with other well-known people in the gastronomic field such like


It is always a great pleasure to attend these events because you are able to meet people who are so involved with making sure the best of our province is valued and shown to the world. Enrique Mendoza has managed to get his wines from Bodegas Mendoza to the top! With this caliber of wine, you can find some of these bottles on our menu. After staying with us you are even able to plan a guided tour of his winery and vineyard!

During the presentation, we were even able to enjoy one of the staple products of Spanish cuisine, El Jamón (the ham). The ham was cut by professional LUCEROS carver, Lázaro Ortega, from Alicante. LUCEROS.

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