Awards and Recognitions of Masía la Mota

Best Rural Hotel of the Valencian Community 2016

The charming hotel Masia La Mota receives the award for best rural hotel in the first edition of the Ser Viajeros Comunidad Valenciana 2016 awards.

The program goes a step further and organizes its first gala of Tourism Awards SER Viajeros Comunitat Valenciana under the categories of:

Award for the best “Temple of Good Eating”

Best Rural Hotel Award

Tourism Promotion Award of a Municipality

Sports Tourism Event Award

With exceptional presenters, Inma Pardo and Santiago; In a place that could not have more charm, the Morella Theater, was held on December 17, 2016 the first gala of the Tourism Awards SER Viajeros Comunitat Valenciana.

The awards were presented in a ceremony with the presence of the Regional Secretary of Tourism Francesc Colomer Sánchez, who directs and coordinates the management centers that are attached under his dependence, the mayor of the town of Morella, Rhamsés Ripollés and reference people in tourism in the Valencian Community and the Ser Chain.

The famous singer-songwriter Keru Sánchez, from Cordoba, able to fuse the couplet with regaee, enlivened the evening with his compositions aimed at the winners and Morella as the host town.

The awards recognized were the following:

Prize for the best Rural Hotel for Masía la Mota, collected by the manager of our hotel Indira Amaya

Tourism promotion prize of a municipality for Peñíscola

Award for the Best Natural Hiking and Space Initiative for Itinerantur

Award for the Best Temple of Good Eating for Food Club in Valencia

Sports Tourism Event Award for the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon

It is a real pleasure to share with you this award, since without a doubt, those who make our dreams come true and we can keep moving forward day by day are you.

Thank you for letting us share our illusions and joys with you; and for being part of this family that grows bigger every day, together we make Masía la Mota.

Tourist Quality Commitment

It is a project to improve the quality of tourist destinations promoted by the Ministry of Tourism, with the support of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), which works with tourism companies / services of up to 32 different trades, with The ultimate goal of improving the experience and satisfaction of the tourist.

The SCTE Destinations-SICTED pursues a level of homogeneous quality in the services offered to tourists within the same destination, so that substantial quality deficiencies are not appreciated between the different products (agents) that make up the offer at the destination and, with this, negative conditioning of the perception and satisfaction of tourists.

Qualitur Club

It is the program of the Generalitat that, through the Valencian Tourism Agency, promotes the culture of quality among companies and tourism entities with the aim of constantly improving the services offered and making excellence the hallmark of tourism of the Valencian Community.

For this we support the obtaining of certificates based on international standards (ISO 9001/14001), European (EMAS Regulation and European Ecological Label) and national (UNE standards), all of them of recognized prestige

It is made up of the group of companies and tourist entities of the Valencian Community that have certificates of quality, environment or accessibility, obtained after passing rigorous audits that guarantee that its management is oriented towards continuous improvement and its services towards tourist satisfaction .

Chamber of Commerce Award for Tourism 2010

A Single Prize is established in recognition of the work of tourism companies belonging to the Census of Chambers of Commerce of the province of Alicante.

The jury will assess, among others, characteristics of the candidates, which may belong to the sectors, of traditional tourism, rural tourism or complementary offer, the improvement of the global offer to visitors, the promotion, and the development of tourism in the province from Alicante.

Valuation of the Chamber of Commerce award:

“The charming hotel Masia La Mota is nestled in a privileged place. Immersed in one of the most beautiful and botanical natural parks in Spain, La Font Roja. Its views cover, on the one hand the lush beauty of the landscape and on the other a spectacular panoramic view of the city of Alcoy, from which they are just 5 km away.

Its owners have restored this old farmhouse based on recovering handmade materials and original structures that date back more than three centuries, has resulted in twelve double rooms with bathroom where the charm and value of the genuine are harmonized, with the comfort of your facilities. It is worth noting the two suites with whirlpool, living room and beautiful views.

The quality of service and personalized attention add to the landscape, archeological and cultural wealth of the area. It has a cafeteria, room service and rooms to develop business meetings.

Masia La Mota has been the first hotel establishment around the Carrascal Natural Park to obtain the cataloging of Declaration of Community Interest. As of 2009, it becomes part of the Indoor Product Quality Club of the Valencian Community.

One of its differentiating features, compared to accommodations with similar characteristics, has been that it has focused its promotion abroad. With a special emphasis on the market in the United Kingdom and Benelux, having served tourism from France, Sweden, Italy and the United States. “

Guía Michelin España & Portugal

The MICHELIN Spain & Portugal guide, popularly known as the “Michelin red guide”, offers a wide selection of hotels and restaurants. These guides are updated every year in order to make the most current and reliable information available to readers. What does not change with each new edition are the commitments to guarantee objectivity, quality and honesty in the selection: the anonymous visit, the independence, the choice of the best, the annual update and the homogeneity of the selection.

Since 2007 the Charming Hotel Masia La Mota has been recommended in the prestigious Michelin Red guide with the symbol Hotel very quiet. Being recognized as one of the 5 best hotels with charm within the Valencian Community.

Recently, the Masia La Mota Restaurant is also recommended in the digital guide.

Brand Parcs Naturals de la Comunitat Valenciana

It is a badge granted by the Directorate General responsible for the management of Natural Spaces to natural products, artisan products and nature tourism activities, obtained, prepared and provided within the area of ​​socio-economic influence of the Natural Parks of the Valencian Community.

From the General Directorate responsible for the management of Natural Spaces, it is determined to boost sustainable development in the populations located in the Natural Parks of the Community, characterized by a remarkable diversity of environments, which together form a rich and varied heritage.

All this must be done in a way that is compatible with the maintenance and development of socio-economic activity, with criteria of sustainable use of natural resources and with the search for innovative models of ecodevelopment, reinforcing the commitment to the environment and the protected natural space for facilitate sustainable economic models.

The brand values ​​the territory, local populations, and the products and services offered therein.

TEMPS Interior accommodation Comunitat Valenciana

Temps is the Interior Accommodation Club of the Valencian Community, promoted by the Ministry of Tourism. Its objective is to identify and group the establishments of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia that make up this differentiated tourist offer and that support the concept of modern, professional, participatory and involved hospitality with our interior tourist destinations.

It constitutes the best selection of rural houses, hotels and restaurants in the interior of the Valencian Community. A club with a single purpose: the marketing of its member companies under a quality brand.

Temps is the brand that gives its name and promotes the Accommodation Club. A timeless and versatile concept that refers to all the moments, emotions and sensations that we can live inside the Community.