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Hotel Masia La Mota, Alcoy, 54
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Rural Renovated Hotel in Alicante (Alcoy), Spain

It is difficult put a precise date on the original construction of Boutique Hotel Masia La Mota in Alicante, Spain as it has been extended and new buildings have been added over the years.

This is why, when approached by road from above, it gives the appearance of being more a small village than a single house; however, the restorers have found evidence that some of its walls were built in the XVII Century.

There are historical records that show it was definitely in existence in the middle of the XVIII Century. In the process of restoration the owners took special care to preserve its classic style, using original construction materials in an attempt to recreate the aesthetics of that beautiful era, while harmonizing this atmosphere with the contemporary conveniences installed for the comfort of our guests.

Within its walls one finds arches and classic paintings, as well as artifacts, implements, prized antiques and restored period furniture.