Vistas desde Masia La Mota
Rincones Masia La Mota
Modernist Fountain in Masia La Mota
Hotel Rural Masia La Mota
Hotel Masia La Mota exterior 1
Hotel MAsia La Mota de invierno
Hotel con encanto Masia La Mota 3
Hotel Boutique La Mota
Hotel Boutique in Spain 4
Entorno Masia La Mota 3

Outdoor Installations Boutique Hotel Alicante, Valencian Community

You will be surprised to get to the Deluxe Hotel Masia La Mota by the surrounding landscape. Beautiful views at 360 º.

The exteriors of Masia La Mota characterize periods of construction. Therefore, each quadrant of exterior facade is different. Each facade reflecting a different aspect according to its orientation. The facade – North direction is more austere and closed to keep out the winter wind.

The weather was another factor taken into consideration in the construction of Masía La Mota, severe storms generated in the microclimate of the north side of the “Font Roja”, coming from the Levant.

Finally, the economy and the level of agricultural productivity that developed in the farmhouse were taken into account when raising several modules composing and creating the original construction. Hence, the aspect that has Masia La Mota is a collection of buildings, like a small village.

We found evidence in ancient times several architectural figures were demolished to be built again. The current owners, have attempted to unify the exterior face with touches who managed to give a common denominator with aesthetic values of an era that will be located in time and space around the second half of the nineteenth century.

Planning for gardening and landscaping projection also seek this effect. The benches, fountains, gardens evolving, also respond to the intention of creating micro-environments suitable to enjoy the wonderful environment around the Hotel Masia La Mota of Alicante.