Alcoy (Alicante), the city that collects the charming Hotel Masía La Mota

Alcoy is a town that has a marked and unexpected contrast with the rest of the province of Alicante.

This town is to be found 54 kilometers from Alicante and 105 kilometers from Valencia. It is a town whose river moved the wheels of the water mills that drove the establishment of the original industry there. The inhabitants of Alcoy are hardworking and industrious. Their imagination and drive have resulted in the development of textile, paper and metallurgic industries.

Surrounded by mountains, the town offers a spectacular combination of having one of the most genuine Mediterranean forests and in the same municipal area the traces of the social change brought about by the Industrial Revolution in Spain.

A walk along its streets clearly shows the effort of its inhabitants to prosper in an area of great natural beauty but extraordinary topographic complexity for urban development.

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