Hotel con encanto Masía la Mota

History of the Boutique Hotel Masía La Mota

Alicante Hotel Masia La Mota is the result of two converging stories that depart from as far away as disparate origins that eventually crystallize into a boutique in the province of Alicante which is a benchmark for environmental sustainability and the exercise of good taste.

La Mota is the name of a country house located in the natural park of the “Font Roja” de Alcoy. It was an agricultural holding unit like many others in the mountains (the interior) of Alicante.

Olive oil, wine, fruit, cereal … With the changing times the sixth decade of the twentieth century, large farms like La Mota became unprofitable and were gradually ceasing its production. Its doors were closing and the years took their toll on roofs and walls. That sober, strong and proud construction, crimped at the green holm oak of Mediterranean forest of “Font Roja”, yielded to drop from the mid-twentieth century. Extinguished like a light was extinguished almost completely … almost ending the millennium, precisely in the eleventh month of 1999, a new project of life opens before a couple that shuffling different options to start a chapter full of hope together.

The decision was to respond with confidence. They studied various options until finally, in the mountains of Alicante, are surrounded by a beautiful natural setting. Precisely farmhouse that still retained vestiges of the splendor of another time. Briefly in the imagination begins to take shape both what could be achieved with the restoration of the old house. Within its walls the life and activity is recovered after a slow process that concludes in the hotel that guests appreciate today.

The result is recognized with various awards and distinctions and a long and warm relationship as grateful as satisfied customers. Welcome to Hotel Deluxe Alicante: Masia La Mota.

A traveler, mature and thoughtful but still with great expectations, somewhat overwhelmed by the inconsistency revealed elsewhere, goes in search of something better to enjoy with your family correctly. Scrutinized destinations being offered the promise of nirvana that both longed for he also made clear the inexorable approach of the third stage of life, from the time where peace and tranquility become more important“.


Edgar Ameglio


We show you in the following video the past and the present of Alcoy and Masia la Mota. A film that reveals the effort of one entire life.

We want to thank Álvaro Verdú, who has made an incredible work creating this piece of art. We share his web if you are interested to see more videos and content from Álvaro. We expect that you enjoy the video.