Three Wise Men Parade in Alcoy


Christmas is one of the most important moments of the year in the city of Alcoy, being the Three Wise Men Parade the most awaited moment of these times. Visiting Alcoy during this period is something you must do at least once in a lifetime and we’ll tell you why!

Want to know exactly what you can expect on your visit to Alcoy during the Three Kings period?

The Three Kings Parade of Alcoy has been held continuously since 1885 (although there are documents that suggest it may have started as early as 1866). Therefore, it is one of the oldest Three Wise Men parades in the world. In addition, this festival was declared a Tourist National Interest Festival and also Intangible Asset of Cultural Interest.

Full of enthusiasm and entrenched in tradition, there is no doubt that the Three Kings Parade is the most magical night of the year.


On the night of January 5th, children and adults look forward to the arrival of His Majesties in the streets of Alcoy. The Three Kings arrive in the city on their camels accompanied by their entourage, formed by musicians, shepherds, popular characters and pages, all riding together through the night with the Three Wise Men.

During the course of the Parade, and while the shepherds sing and dance to the rhythm of popular carols, the children receive gifts from the pages, who climb up to the balconies through long red stairs, creating a beautiful and endearing image.



The most anticipated moment of this Parade is the Adoration in Plaça d’Espanya, where the Three Kings come down from their camels where the Holy Family awaits them. It is at this moment when time stops – and while the bells ring and the fireworks adorn the square, the Magi approach the portal to worship the Infant Jesus, with Händel’s “The Messiah” in the background.



With much more to offer than just the Three Wise Men Parade, it is not in vain that Alcoy holds the name of Christmas City.


The first act of this Christmas trilogy is the “Pastoretes” day, in a festive and family atmosphere. Dozens of children and adults dress as shepherds and parade through the streets of downtown Alcoy dancing folk dances, accompanied by musicians, flocks of sheep and cars, to worship the Infant Jesus in Plaça d’Espanya. This act is celebrated on the Sunday before January 5th.




Alcoy also celebrates the arrival of His Majesties in advance. On January 4th, the day before the Three Kings Parade, the Proclamation is celebrated at nightfall, where the Royal Ambassador arrives in the city to announce that the Three Kings are already camped in the Serra de Mariola mountains and that the next day they will go down to the streets of Alcoy to distribute everyone’s presents. The Ambassador is accompanied again by music and dances, shepherds and pages and, most importantly, some little donkeys (burritas) that collect the mailboxes where children have deposited the letters for the Three Kings with all their wishes. This is why this day is also affectionately known as “La Burreta” day.



On the night of January 4th, the lights of the Royal Camp where the Three Kings are resting can be seen. On the morning of the 5th visitors can visit the Royal Camp and see how the pages and Scribe have tirelessly worked the night before to ensure no one is left without a present.



We cannot talk about the Alcoyan Christmas without mentioning its most famous and beloved character and one of the most important of these significant dates. The Tirisiti. The “Betlem de Tirisiti” is a popular theater of rod puppets that represents popular scenes of Alcoyan tradition with some current elements. Each year it is celebrated announcing the arrival of Christmas and is visited by thousands of people, especially children, who share endearing moments full of laughter.


In short, Alcoy is your ideal destination to travel to in this period of the year. From Masía La Mota we recommend that you visit us on these special days as we are located just 5 kilometers from the center of Alcoy. You can discover the city and all its Christmas splendor while also experiencing the beauty of our Natural Parks and enjoying a magical stay at our boutique hotel.



If you still have doubts, you can clic the link below where you will find all you need to know about Christmas in Alcoy and to download the Christmas brochure. Click here. In addition, here is a link that allows you to find all the Christmas 2019-2020 programming, with all the events, activities and schedules from Alcoy Turismo.

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