The Finnish group Lithium Jazz will be performing right here in Alcoy!

JazzMusic in Alcoy The Finnish group Lithium Jazz will be performing right here in Alcoy![/caption]

The Finnish group Lithium Jazz

On May 30, the Finnish group Lithium will be performing in our very own city of Alcoy at a concert that starts at 20:30 at the Casablanca Café.
This jazz concert is organized by the Jazz Club El Mussol of Alcoy.
The entrance fee is only € 6 for members and € 9 for non-members with anyone under 25 years old being € 3!
Whether you’re planning on going alone, with your significant other, family or friends, this jazz concert is perfect pass time for all groups.
While there are many international groups that perform in Alcoy, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy it with out the hard work of Jazz Club El Mussol and all its sponsors and friends.
For any of our guests who’d like to attend this concert, Our hotel can reserve a spot for you at the concert and arrange dinner at a Restaurant in the City.
Lithium Jazz
This Scandinavian band consists of Alexi Tuomarila on the piano and synthesizers, Joonas Tuuri playing double bass and Jonne Taavitsainen on drums.
This is a great opportunity to see such passionate young people do what they love together as they have been for several years.
Now you know, this Thursday, May 30 from 20:30 in the Cafeteria Casablanca is the place to be!  Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity and merely hear the stories after.
This event is in collaboration with
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