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The humble beginnings of our very own high quality Masia La Mota Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hoteles rurales en Alicante Hotel con encanto y Restaurante Masia La Mota, Alcoy, Alicante, España[/caption]

Boutique hotel and restaurant Masia La Mota, Alcoy, Alicante, Spain

Twenty years ago we discovered a charming country house called Masia La Mota surrounded by centuries-old olive trees located right in the middle of the Font Roja and Serra de Mariola natural parks and very close to the Costa Blanca.

After 7 years of restoration work on the building, we came to what we now know as the Boutique hotel Masia La Mota. In the beginning the whole idea was to search for the perfect home, but all our plans changed when we fell in love with a house with over 21,00 0 square feet of space.

Once purchased, we knew the property needed to be shared with our guests to not only help in its maintenance but also allow travelers to experience the beauty that we see each day.

It was necessary to ensure  the building had all the necessary elements to provide our guests quality accommodations and above all optimizing the use of energy and resources. Following this then came the construction of the Masia La Mota Restaurant located in the old oil mill on the farm, in which the stone, the press, the furnace, decanters and utensils remained for over 50 years without use. We’ve made sure to preserve the history so you can see all these pieces when visiting or participating in some of our oleotourism events. What ia Oleotourism you ask? Its a new way to enjoy the culture that surrounds olive groves and olive oil. A way to get to know the agricultural land where the olive trees thrive best.

Collecting the olives happens around November and here is a quick snapshot of us in action

It was sad to see how abandoned the farm was. So we bought a tractor and tackle to go tilling and cleaning little by little until we developed the fabulous landscape you can see today! Once the work preliminary work was finished, it did not take long for us to begin recovering the olive trees. The process has been very intensive over the years due to pruning, plowing and natural or organic fertilization. We then acquired two donkeys and a composter to allow us to build our new dream.

Hotel Rural Masia La Mota Donkeys, Tuqui Tuqui[/caption]

Considering that the farm consists of more than 500 old trees and 2000 new trees, the fertilizer had to be purchased in bags or large sacks. We are currently using biofuerza, an organic biofertilizer, aimed at providing the most necessary nutrition of the rhizosphere. This type of fetilizer guarantees us a biological and ecologically successful productwithout polluting the environment. Pruning the olives is done by people in the area who know the importance of this delicate phase of olive recovery and tree maintenance.

Montaña de Alicante Masia La Mota Hotel located in the mountains of Alicante[/caption]

Our first harvest was in 2017. We have always sought excellence in our product using mechanical means, cold extraction and only our own olives which are grown at a height of 800 meters in a agriculturally rich area with no pollution of any kind. The predominant species of olive is known as Alfafarenca, but among the olive groves we also find some specimens of blanqueta, chamomile, gordal and Genoese even with the new plantation being 100% alphafarenca.

We chose this species once we discovered the unique qualities that differentiate it from other species of olives. Alphafaenca is a late ripening species which allows us to collect it by hand as it was done in ancient times in the months of November and December.

Serra Mariola Century old Olive groves at Masia La Mota, located between the Font Roja and Mariola Natural Parks[/caption]


Our extra virgin olive oil can be defined as intense, aromatic, fruity, and bitter green with a touch of spicy because of its great richness in polyphenols – compounds that give the oil its antioxidant properties. Our oil contains 80% oleic acid making it one of the most heart-healthy oils which also happens to help with anti-aging!

Restaurante con vistas en Alcoy

Masia La Mota Restaurant with stunning views of the countryside and mountains

Recently, we obtained the honor of the Parc Natural de la Font Roja brand. Currently, we are in the process of obtaining a seal of Ecological Production granted by the Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community CAECV.

Marca Parc Natural Font Roja Indira Amaya de Ameglio recibe del alcalde de Valencia, Joan Ribò la placa de la Marca Parc Natural[/caption]

Indira Amaya de Ameglio receiving the plaque of the Parc Natural de la Font Roja brand from the Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribò

Since the process takes about three years, our label can not carry the ecological seal just yet however, we assure you that if all goes well, we will be able to carry the seal on our olive oil by 2021.

AOVE Masia La Mota llega a las cocinas americanas[/caption]

AOVE Masia La Mota reaching American kitchens

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