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The flowering of the olive

The flowering of the olive tree at Masia La Mota

I’ve been reading all about the flowering of olives and have learned so much about the fascinating world. For example, the olive is known by many names in different regions of spain: rapa or the flower of the olive tree, trama or plot, muestra or sample, esquilmo or olive branch and more. The process takes several weeks!

It is a key moment between the stages through which the olive tree passes in its annual cycle. It is an explosion of life, according to some articles there is an investment in energy with which the olive tree, like any other sexual reproduction plant, offers a very important sample of flowers in order to be fertilized to a great extent and thus become new fruits or olives.

If you want to know about this important process in the production of the Masia La Mota extra virgin olive oil, we still have about two weeks to see it. It has always been said that May is the month of flowers and at Masia La Mota we can see it in all its splendor. In May we have seen how small bunches of flowers begin to sprout from the branches of the olive trees, which little by little open up to show us those tiny flowers where you can already see the pollen.

The importance of the flowering of olive trees

Flowering is the most beautiful and important stage for the production of olive oil. It is a key moment in the annual cycle of everything that involves the care and result of the harvest.

The flowers of the olive tree are yellowish and are open for more or less a week, but it is logical that the flowers do not open all at once so this period can last several weeks.

Our olive groves are planted in the foothills of Font Roja Natural Park and is a beautiful area for walking or cycling.

One of the most impactful things that influences the flowering of the olive tree.

The surrounding are of the Hotel Masia La Mota where you can see the donkeys at night, and part of the Mariola mountain range.

In this picture you can perfectly see that Masia La Mota is in the middle of the mountain range at a height of 800 meters


The olive trees are part of all the gardens and exteriors of the charming hotel Masia La Mota.

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