We are celebrating the annual Canicross Solidario road race in Alcoy

This Sunday, February 25th, we are celebrating the annual Canicross Solidario road race organized by Club Canicross of Alcoy benefiting the Spanish Association Against Cancer AECC and the Group of rehabilitated alcoholics in Alcoy, GARA.

The race starts at 8:30 and ends around 2pm on Via Verde de Alcoy.

The course covering 8 km kicks off at 10am and the march covering 5 km starts at 11am.

anyone interested in participating can join on Click’N’Run before February 21 for a fee of 10 € or 15 € with a special gift bag.

To participate, you must comply with all Canicross regulations. Both for the race and the march, any dogs must pass a veterinary assessment.

The collection of numbers and veterinary checks will be conducted from 8:30 to 9:45 at the beginning of Via Verde in Batoi.

This activity seeks to encourage the participation of people who love to run and are also animal lovers.

It is very important to show the work of both associations and help as much as possible to raise awareness about situations faced by people with addictive disorders. The practice of healthy habits and sports decreases the risk of contracting diseases and addictions.

The Ameglio Amaya family, owners of the charming hotel Masia La Mota, identifies with this amazing cause as lovers of animals, including dogs and many other species that reside in the Font Roja Natural Park. We recognize the importance of these species that make up our beautiful mountain, and understand their importance for the balance of nature.

Foreign and local visitors who enjoy visiting sites such as Font Roja and Serra de Mariola will appreciate the authenticity of these places and the great views on this run.





Labrador and Schnauzer


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