Forget about stress at our country house

After a whole year of hard work, everyone ends up stressed in a way or another. We all need to get some rest and get away from our routine in order to find our balance again and let our mind rest from our day-to-day life.

Our charming hotel is a great alternative for you to be able to get away from your responsibilities and live a different experience, focusing in relaxing and forgetting about rushes. Everything here is made for our guests to relax and feel calm and peace during their stay.

Everything is aligned for you to have an exceptional experience. The landscapes in our surroundings are beautiful, quiet and very special. Our bedrooms are all different in some way, so they all feel unique and always cosy. Our restaurant is the ideal place where you can taste our dishes, made specially for your senses to enjoy. And, finally, our massage services will help your body get rid of stress.

We have ten bedrooms at our hotel: one of them is adapted for people with disabilities, another one is a familiar room with a loft with two double beds so you can enjoy your stay here with your children, and we also have two suites for you to have an even more special holiday.

A peaceful environment to help you relax

Masía La Mota is placed in a wonderful environment, between two national parks, El Carrascal de la Font Roja and La Serra de Mariola. Thanks to this privileged placement, you can enjoy astonishing views from our charming hotel, and most of our clients take the chance to go hiking in the surroundings. You can find different hiking routes, choosing the difficulty that fits your experience the most, and you can also choose to do them on bike. This is a great way to enjoy nature, so you can breath fresh air and enjoy the silence and calm on these roads.

You can find our hotel just five kilometers away from Alcoy, so you have a place to get away and enjoy the landscape and our relaxing atmosphere. Also, those five kilometers separating our hotel from Alcoy can be hiked along the route called “Vía Verde”, where you can enjoy nature and find many different bars and restaurants where you can stop for a drink or for lunch. This is why many of our guests who haven’t visited Alcoy yet decide to walk this route, enjoy nature and take a break to enjoy the local cuisine.

Have dinner at our restaurant and discover our tasty traditional cuisine

Our restaurant has many advantages, and our clients like to highlight the quality of the food and the amazing views.

Regarding the views, we just know how lucky we are to be settled in a place like this, so we just took advantage of this so you could enjoy the landscape while you enjoy your meal.

We put all our efforts in offering you a menu where you have different options that fit your preferences, but always sticking to the traditional cuisine in this area. We make sure our products are the best, from the meat to the garnish, and we carefully select the highest quality products so you experience the finest flavors.

The personnel at our kitchen is highly trained and we focus on details and carefully taking care of our products, but also in putting some love, experience and knowledge in the dishes we cook, so this translates in the best experience for our guests.

Food is, undoubtedly, a pleasure and a means to relax. Sharing a table with our closest ones and enjoy our dishes while enjoying the amazing views can be one of the highlights of our day.

Make an appointment and enjoy a stone massage

Massages are a great way to get rid of stress, so that is why we offer our guests the chance of making an appointment to get a massage from one of our excellent professionals that will for sure help you balance your body and mind.

One of our clients’ favorite options are stone massages, made with volcanic stones from Hawaï. A pleasuring experience that will make you feel free from all stress and forget about everything.

Hot stones are combined with essential oils from the Dead Sea, with several properties that will make your skin feel new. A long duration massage will have all your body treated and you will come out the massage room feeling absolutely peaceful.
Apart from this stone massages you can also get some of our beauty treatments. Treating yourself and gifting yourself with some caring time is very important both for our body and our mind.

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