All installations Boutique Hotel Masia La Mota Alcoy, Alicante

The Boutique Hotel Masia La Mota is 12 rooms spread.

Each of the guest rooms to get moving to the heart of the Natural Parks that surround us, Font Roja and Serra de Mariola. All rooms have retained their original structure and decorated with antiques and modern amenities to create a comfortable and stylish environment.

From the rooms, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Sierra Carrascal de la Font Roja, of the extraordinary gardens Masia La Mota and our outdoor pool.

The bathrooms also differ from each other, having been used in each of them a different pattern Valencian tiles manufacturing. The insulation of the walls, windows, and the roof together with the optimum heating system is designed to anticipate extreme temperatures. Furthermore, to reduce any adverse effect on the environment has been used as a liquefied gas fuel.

All rooms have TV receivers with LCD screens, hanging on the wall that are less predominant and more discreet than conventional units.

Free Tea or Coffee Service available in the room. Request it when making your reservation.

Breakfast is served in a cozy atmosphere that evokes both the medieval period decor and that struggles for commemorating Reconquista Alcoy City with holding his Moors and Christians, from which its name is derived, Coffee Festa.

The Café also opens to the cocktail hour. On the drinks menu you can choose from a select list of Gin & Tonics, rums, wines and microbrews.

In the dining room you can enjoy beautifully prepared meals, prepared with seasonal ingredients, some of the home grown organic garden of the farmhouse.

Reception Mas La Mota is located in a room furnished with comfortable armchairs and sofas to serve as a living room and reading room, this area also offers Wi Fi.

Guests also have an enclosed courtyard with tables, where you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in what was once the yard of the farmhouse that today has been decorated with exquisite landscaping select local flora.

The farmhouse is surrounded by a series of gardens created for the enjoyment of our guests, where many native species and floral aromatics combine contemporary hybridization.

We have a beautiful outdoor pool with Jacuzzi treated by electrolysis in which you can enjoy the magnificent views of the house and its surroundings.

The old well has been covered becoming a very attractive recreational area with a design on the floor of the wind rose. Summer is the delight of those who enjoy it. In the outdoor terrace and the hotel organizes barbecues and roasts Pizzas menus for both staying and the public in general. It is preferable to call ahead for a reservation.