masia la mota hotel sostenible

Do you know what we mean when we identify Masia la Mota as a sustainable hotel?

It is said of all those who are taking adequate measures today to meet the requirements of environmental sustainability.

Well, an establishment can be called sustainable when it is based on its design and management of economic, environmental, social and cultural principles; always respecting the environment and its biodiversity, in a framework of permanent ethics and contributing to improve the quality of life of all humanity, both present and future.

Masía la Mota  is a premise that has taken into account since its inception and that continues and improves day by day.

We leave you a video so that you can check the rehabilitation that our hotel has suffered over the years, always taking into account the surrounding environment and trying to be as harmful as possible, since if we do not take care of ourselves, who it will?

Let us always keep in mind the respect for nature and other living beings, we can all contribute, however little it may seem, but it all adds up. Help us, we are an eco-leading hotel!

Masía la Mota reference in environmental sustainability.

We detail some of the measures that we put into practice and that help us contribute in some way to respect for the environment:

  • Continuous training for workers on environmental awareness and respect.
  • The water supply comes from its own spring, is analyzed periodically, and always with excellent results.
  • The place has its own wastewater oxidation treatment plant.
  • The heating of our establishment is supplied with gas and not with diesel, a product that is more harmful to the environment.
  • Optimization of the air conditioning system management control through hourly programming reducing its operation by more than 50%.
  • The sanitation of the rooms is carried out by means of an ozone gun, thus avoiding greater energy release.
  • For the best performance and for the utmost respect that we have for ecology, we have placed different bins so that the papers are not spilled to the toilet, in addition to the hotel’s own internal containers, thus differentiating that of glass, plastic, organic and paper /paperboard. We ourselves take care of depositing hotel waste in the corresponding Alcoy containers.
  • Shortly before the arrival of our guests at the hotel, insecticides and ecological disinfectants are used to eliminate any insects, since we are in a rural environment, in the heart of the Font Roja Natural Park and two steps from the Serra Mariola.
  • We have installed a rainwater collection system, normally collected in winter and used for the irrigation of our gardens and plants throughout the year.
  • We are a smoke-free hotel, since it pollutes the air, other people and the furniture of our hotel. That is why we have enabled outdoor areas intended for such use, with ashtrays so that the butts are not going to stop in our precious surroundings.
  • Replacement of energy saving light bulbs with LED technology bulbs.
    Implementation of double glazed windows in 100% of the establishment, walls with cork in the middle and insulated roofs for better energy use.
  • Towel and bed linen reuse program.
  • When making picnics for our customers, we offer the customer a completely free backpack service to deposit the waste they generate during their excursion in the same and bring them back to the hotel to be recycled later and thus contribute to generate less spills To our natural environment.