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Host business meetings in Alcoy, Alicante Business meetings

Consistent with the high standards used to restore the hotel facilities and apropos its extraordinary aesthetic attributes, the promoters of Masia La Mota have rebuilt a centuries’ old Almazara — a mule powered mill for the production of olive oil — converting it into a 102 square meter (1,100 sq.ft.) of net usable space into a multi use meeting room with the following installations:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Connection for Laptops
  • Large screen projector (approx. 4 X 3 meter image)
  • Radiant floor heating
  • Climate control unit (thermostat controlled cooling or heating with fresh air recirculation)
  • Hi-Fi sound system with surround speaker system and connectors for iPods and other auxiliaries.
  • Wireless and direct wired microphones
  • 10 variable lighting
  • Wood fireplace
  • Picture windows for view of private grounds and hillside forest.
  • Variable floor layout, as approximated below:
    • Theater or cinema seating viewing wall screen: Seating comfortably as many as 99 persons.
    • Seven round tables 1,80 mt. diameter, amply placed for maximum seating of up to 84 persons.
    • School room type seating on 1,40X0,70 attached tables: Seating as many as 54 persons.
    • Luxurious Banquet on Imperial dining room, on an elongated 1,40 wide table with maximum length of 8,40 mts, with optimal seating of 38 persons with ample elegant circulation of attendants.
    • Cocktail or discoteque capacity would depend upon the type setup desired, but in any event it would not exceed approximately 100 person in capacity.