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Masia La Mota Restaurant, located in the Natural Park of La Font Roja.

We apologize for the inconvenience, our restaurant will be closed the 5th of January night.


Opening Hours

Fridays to Saturdays from 1:30pm to 3:30pm and nights from 8:30pm up to 10:30pm

Sundays and Festive days from 1:30 pm up to 3:30 pm

This month of August we will make a few exceptions, for more information please call to the following number 966 540 370

Closing on the 20th and 28th of August


The rest of the days we will open only with advance reservations by arranging with us directly to 966540370 or via E Mail to

For group reservations of more than 8 people you have to specify a menu in advance.

On holidays, tables will be reserved only for those who leave us a credit card and will be charged a deposit of € 10 per person.

The table will not be stored for more than 15 minutes.

* Hotel guests may request dinner service by notifying the hotel staff in advance. The rest of the day you can request our room service menu, which includes things like salad, sandwiches, sandwich, cheese, ham … and always a good homemade dessert.

Reservations 966540370 or 600 281925


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Masia La Mota Restaurant in Alcoy, Salterres 21, is located in a forty-six hectare tourist / farmer enclave that skillfully runs Indira Amaya de Ameglio and Edgar Ameglio nestled on the slopes of the Natural Park of Carrascal de La Font Roja in Alcoy , Province of Alicante.

The Masia La Mota Restaurant was born in the inspiration of creating a transformable kitchen focused on satisfying both the expectations of the consumer of traditional food such as those who aspire to discover in Masia La Mota new and tasteful sensations of our contemporary creative cuisine. Therefore, we have tried to satisfy the most refined tastes, we are always concerned with acquiring top quality ingredients in addition to using our own garden to prepare our meals with vegetables, vegetables and vegetables from our own production but from producers in the area. We are also pleased to take advantage of the seasonal changes to vary our Menu by introducing delicious gastronomic innovations that the next season brings us, as well as native dishes from the Mountain of Alicante. Starting from the principle that we are what we eat and that the main source of health lies in a healthy and balanced diet, we are also prepared to offer vegetarian menus and prepare appetizing dishes for diabetics and coeliacs. In these cases, in order to be able to serve you in a timely and pleasant manner on time, we request prior notice in order to prepare in advance and avoid unnecessary delays to serve you.

Masia La Mota Restaurant,  In the heart of the hamlet of “La Font Roja” and “Serra de Mariola” in Alcoy, Alicante. Under the leadership Indira and Edgar Amaya Ameglio, the Hotel Masia La Mota House opens its doors to the restaurant Masia La Mota, to offer them a solution based on the fusion of tradition and creation, mainly with fresh local produce and seasonal cuisine. With a creative menu that presents you a variety of appetizers, salads, meat and fish, as well as potentially stews and our homemade desserts.

Starting from the idea that we are what we eat and that the main source of health lies in a healthy and balanced diet will offer a variety of vegetarian dishes, cooking for diabetics and coeliacs. As native dishes Mountain Alicante and creation. The restaurant Mas La Mota, 21 Salterres its location and diversity of spaces, makes this area an ideal place for holding on Alcoy events and offers you a variety of custom menus for your business meetings, friends and family.

Complementing tourism in this area within Alicante you regularly offers cooking courses, wine-pairings of wines, beers, oils and local products. Deepening wisdom and generosity that Nature gives us the environment carrascal of Alcoy, Alicante Natural Park of La Font Roja and Sierra de Mariola.

Call now 966540370

Restaurant in Alcoy, Masia La Mota

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