Wine Tasting & Food Pairing happening right here at Masía La Mota on June 8, 2018

Wine Tasting & Food Pairing happening right here at Masía La Mota on June 8, 2018 



Sponsored by the Pernord Ricard Group, Masía La Mota is pleased to host this fabulous event filled with food, wine and gastronomic history.

Masía La Mota owners, Indira and Edgar and their team are so excited as they organize another exclusive, interesting and oh so unique event for you. They are offering a Wine Tasting complete with dishes for pairing with the wines made by their very own chef Evanor Sevilla Faus.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to not only enjoy the delicious food and wine but also stay at one of the most valued hotels in Spain. The Michelin Guide of 2018 lists Masia La Mota as one of the five most prestigious sites this year. Distinguished by two red towers, the guide strongly recommends guests see it for themselves!

With this event, you not only have the great pleasure to learn about the great table wines that are in limited production but also to taste the wines that are most famous in the two regions of Spain – La Rioja & La Ribera del Duero. With Pernord Ricard Group’s generous sponsorship, we have wines brought to us from Bodegas Azpilicueta and theBodegas Tarzus.

This evening’s pairing will be lead by Pedro Alonso on behalf of the Pernord Ricard Group (Grupo Pernod Ricardand to make matters even sweeter, we are prepared to offer you a 20% discount for you stay with us. The link below will help you choose the perfect accommodation for your trip. https://www.masialamota.comhabitaciones/. Once you’ve chosen your accommodations, please contact us at 966540370 or through E Mail at reservas@masialamota.com.


Menu Brought to you by Chef Evanor Sevilla Faus 

– Carpacico of pork shoulder, apple, arugula, and parmesan cheese

* Azpilicueta with origin in Rioja

– Salted Foie with fig jam and sweet wine

* Felix Azpilicueta – private collection

– Sardine tatin with lemon oil and paprika 

* Felix Azpilicueta – Private Collection – White Rioja

– Poached Egg, Potato Parmentier, mushroom and jerky 

* Fifth of Tarsus grown in Ribera del Duero


Warm Chocolate Soup topped with nougat ice cream and crushed hazelnuts

Spots are limited so reserve now: Ticket Prices are 40 € (VAT included)


We are also happy to offer a shuttle service for up to 6 people at 12 € per person

For Reservations please call 966540370 or E Mail a reservas@masialamota.com

Now a bit of history on the wineries that will be introduced during the tasting: 

Bodegas Tarsus

Since 1998 they have been In the heart of the Ribera del Duero. On their website you can find all the information needed about the location, wines and winery, but what you may not see right away is that Tarsus makes its wines from its own selected terroir looking to extract only excellence and the best of the autochthonous varieties for their drinkers.

The processes of harvesting and vinification are carried out in parts and under the strict supervision of its enologist, Teresa Rodríguez, who ensures that the wines have deep aromas, high concentration and aging potential. A fun fact about their name Tarsus is that it is the name of a city in Asia Minor also known as the Cradle of Wine Civilization.

Bodegas Azpilicueta 

The history of the Bodegas Azpilicueta goes back to 1881 when Félix Azpilicueta Martínez created the winery in a small vineyard in Fuentmayor and became a pioneer winemaker.

One of the most important figures in the history of Rioja wine is Felix Azpilicueta Martínez, who, with his dynamism took over a small vineyard in Fuentmayor and goes down in history as the innovator who allowed the whole area to participate in the first exports of Rioja wines.

This has led this winery to become a well-known brand and one of the most prestigious in Spain.

These types of stories are not far from what Masia La Mota represents, an agricultural property where its owners have turned it into an ideal spot for people looking to rest, enjoy small pleasures, connect with nature and learn some history of Spain.



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