Rice Week at the Lolo Restaurante in Alcoy

Rice Week at the Lolo Restaurant in Alcoy! 

Lolo Restaurant, just like our second home.

Theres few restaurants one can count on for consistently great service and friendship like that provided by Restaurante Lolo de Alcoy.

30 years of experience shows through the great work done by Juan Manuel Alonso “Lolo”  in his restaurant.

With the highest quality market cuisine, it is not unusual to find Lolo personally choosing the ingredients at local city markets that will later be put in the table for guests.

Masia La Mota and Lolo Restaurant have a wonderfully linked history. Since our inception we have been very well received by Lolo, who has always offered us his friendship and for that we are pleased to recommend to our guests an almost obligatory visit to this fabulous restaurant. You can enjoy rice dishes and many dishes displaying local cuisine such as the pericana and olleta de Alcoy.

For 26 years the Lolo Restaurant celebrates Rice Week, which has become a social event that no one wants to miss. Guests have to book well in advance in order to avoid the risk of missing out on these days that pay homage to one of the staple crops of the gastronomy in Alicante, rice.

This year the Lolo Rice Week will be held from March 5 to 9 and is a great opportunity to learn about the hidden gems of the interior province of Alicante where you can combine culinary excellence with nature walks and a pleasant stay with us here at Masa La Mota.

Here is a link to the website for the Alicante Tourism Association where you will find all the necessary information to organize your next trip to the interior of Alicante (Alicante Interior)

We are all always pleased to welcome special guest and be able to take you to the Lolo Restaurant because we know that you will enjoy every moment, not to mention the chefs and celebrities you might meet while in our city, there are many people who visit this restaurant for its delicious food offering and the royal treatment afforded to customers only by Lolo staff.

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