The placement you dreamt of for your events

If you are looking for a hotel in Alicante where you can organize a company event, we want to remind you at Masía La Mota we offer the perfect placement for any kind of event. We are professionals in organizing any kind of event, from wedding or birthday parties to formal events such as product launching events.

Our privileged placement is the perfect one for any of your company events where you want to stand out and make everyone have a wonderful time. Our restaurant is perfect for any kind of celebration and we are open to discuss a specific menu made specially for the occasion.

Book our restaurant in advance

Our restaurant is open just during the weekends, but if you book in advance and you are making a reservation for at least ten people, we can be open any day. This is why, if you are thinking of organizing your company event on a weekday, we can arrange everything for you with a forty-eight hour notice, so we are able to reach our personnel and buy the best products for the menu you have chosen.

Those are some examples of events you can celebrate at our restaurant:

– Product launching events. If you want to organize an event to launch your latest product and enjoy lunch with your guests to the presentation, our restaurant is the right place. The environment at our placement is the right one for you to celebrate a cozy and elegant event.

-Project presentations. Sometimes you want to make it special for your clients and present a project to them and then enjoy some food and drinks while you discuss business. The mood at our restaurant is the perfect one to make this kind of event succeed.

– Company meals. In every company, it is traditional to enjoy company meals from time to time. Our dining room can be the best place for this, where your employees will enjoy a special meal, with the best dishes and high quality products.

– Business meals. If you are thinking of meeting a special client in a private atmosphere during the weekend, you can choose our restaurant. You will find it is the perfect place for you to enjoy a nice meal for a fair price, and also discuss business in a calm and private environment.

The right place for you to treat your best clients

Our fine cuisine makes our restaurant the perfect place for you to bring the best clients of your company. You can even book their stay with us, so they enjoy this natural and quiet environment. Our placement, just five kilometers from Alcoy, makes sure distances are not a problem, while your client enjoys a different business trip, far from any kind of stress.

Our guests can ask for dinner services during weekdays, so they will also be able to enjoy our wonderful dishes. During the daytime, as well, they can get any kind of cold dishes from our room service.

The perfect scenario for a company dinner

No matter if you traditionally celebrate a company lunch or dinner, we have a different option for you. We offer company meals focusing on the fine cuisine we can offer, and you get to choose if you prefer to keep it traditional or try some modern cuisine dishes for your menu. We also offer a wide variety of wines and cook our own desserts, so we have everything to delight you and your employees.

If you are planning a company dinner for some selected days, please keep in mind that we might get many requests during those days, so please make your reservation in advance in order to make sure we have room for you.

Our hotel is really close to Alcoy, so you can ask us about the possibilities of renting a bus or get some taxis for a fair price, so you don’t have to worry about driving.

A special company gift

A charming hotel as Masía La Mota can be one of the most selected company gifts. You sure have some VIP clients or really close business partners you want to treat after signing a new contract, when you reach a goal or for special occasions such as Christmas or birthdays.

Giving one of our promotional packages for two people as a gift can make a difference. It is a new concept of company gift that everyone can enjoy, and it is way more special than gifting an object, such as an expensive pen, because your clients will keep some great memories from this experience. In fact, this kind of packages are not a big expense for the company and they will for sure stand out and make your clients feel happy and thankful.




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