Enjoy our family room this September

After getting some rest during August, this September we are back with renewed energy. We keep on working to achieve our goal of making our guests’ stays very special so each one of them can find what they are looking for here. Peace, calm, outdoors sports or visiting the villages in our surroundings are some of the options we can offer.

Of course, we think no one should leave our hotel without enjoying a meal at our restaurant, where we offer the best local cuisine, both traditional and modern.

Holidays with children, why not?

Most children are on holidays until mid September. Maybe, during the summer you haven’t been able to match their holidays with the ones you get at work and you haven’t enjoyed some quality time with your children.

Why not enjoy a special weekend in September, before you all go back to your routine? This will be fun for your children and you will have the chance to spend some time together and live some new experiences.

Our charming hotel is very romantic, so many couples come to stay here, but we also offer a family room or you can request in advance an extra bed or cradle for one of our regular bedrooms.

Children usually take advantage of our facilities, specially our garden and outdoors areas, where they can enjoy playing and burn their energy. They usually love being in the mountains if they live in the city and can’t enjoy this kind of nature there.

A very special family room

We know our family room is very special. It is divided in two different levels. In the lower one, you can find a double bed, but you have another one in the higher one, so kids get to sleep in a higher level, an attic thought specially for them to live their adventures. Stairs are built so they are safe, but if you don’t want your kids to go up and down the stairs because of their age, you can also sleep on the higher level, because both levels have double beds so you can be the one deciding where each one in your family sleeps.

On the lower level, we have installed a ceiling fan for the hottest days in the summer. We have carefully selected every detail so you enjoy a cosy and spacious room where you feel comfortable. We have also placed a carpet on the attic, so it feels warmer and softens any kind of noise.

If you are traveling just with one kid, you can request an extra bed for any of the other rooms. You have to ask for this in advance, so we can make sure it will be available. We also offer cradles for the youngest kids.

Our Grand Suite has a dining room and a kitchen and is roomy enough for an extra bed. Some families decide to choose this room, so they can have their meals in the room and use the rest of their time to go hiking and enjoy our surroundings.

Hiking and biking routes and much more

If you book your stay at Masía La Mota in advance, we will be able to offer you many alternatives so you make the most of your days with us. Some of these options are watching the Milky Way at night or riding a horse or a donkey in order to visit our surroundings.

In our very own territory you will find many routes where you can enjoy a walk without leaving the hotel, but we also offer routes outside the hotel. You can even visit Alcoy, the closest town. We also organize nature photo trips and even the chance to get a ride in a hot-air balloon.

If you are thinking of taking some activities, we strongly recommend you to book in advance in order to know their availability. In any case, this area is perfect for you to take any kind of route on your own. We can give you some more information on the most recommendable routes so you don’t miss any of the most beautiful nature jewels in our surroundings.

When traveling with children, it is very important to pick the right routes. Always choose some easy and short routes so you are sure your kids will be able to walk them, because some children are not used to hiking and if you go too far away, they may get tired or even feel sick. Try to get enough information of each route and if they are appropriate for your child’s age.

Many families choose bringing their bikes with them in order to go and explore our surroundings. This way, they have their independence and have the right equipment to carry their children if they are too young to ride their own bike. We also organize picnic trips, so we choose the right placement in the nature and have lunch there, while the kids enjoy the adventure and have fun.

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