Celebrate your silver wedding anniversary in style

Your silver wedding anniversary – that is being married for twenty-five years – is a huge event in your life, so you might want to celebrate as you deserve. Some years ago, people used to wait and celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, but now people usually get married when they are older, so golden wedding anniversaries are not that common and they choose to throw a party for their silver wedding anniversary instead.

Silver wedding anniversary parties are usually different than a regular wedding. People often choose to share this special moment with their closest ones, but some others prefer to make it huge, even celebrate a ceremony where they renew their wedding vows, either in a church or in a special place for the couple.
Some women decide to dress again with a wedding dress, specially those who couldn’t do that back when they got married, but most of women choose a party dress. Guests usually also decide to wear fancy formal clothes in order to make this beautiful event even more special.
At our hotel’s facilities we can offer you different suggestions either for your silver or golden wedding anniversary. Let us be a part of such a big event in your lives and we will for sure match your expectations.

Celebrate your silver wedding anniversary at our hotel’s restaurant
Our restaurant Masía La Mota is the perfect place for this kind of celebration. Usually, during weekends our guests at the hotel enjoy their meals here, but you can make a reservation for lunch or dinner specifically for this event.
Our menu includes a wide variety of dishes, traditional and modern cuisine, so you can choose the type of dishes that fit you the most. We use seasonal vegetables grown in our very own vegetable garden, and the rest of our ingredients are of the finest quality, carefully selected. For your celebration, you get to choose if you prefer to select your favorite dishes from our menu or you can discuss with us what kind of meal you would like to have, so we create a special menu for your event.
We also have a wide variety of wines, so you can find the perfect wine for your and your guests, and the view from our restaurant will be the best background for your special day., no matter if you do it during the day or at night.

If you have any doubts, feel free to discuss details with us. We will help you create the most appropiate menu for your celebration and we can also arrange some decoration details or background music if you wish. We want your celebration to be perfect and that’s why we will help you and put our best efforts to make your wills come true.
Silver wedding anniversary with stay
We also offer you the option of booking the stay at our hotel for you and your guests, no matter if they are coming from other towns or just so you can make the most of your celebration. At our hotel, we have ten double rooms, two of them are suites and we also have a family one. These options will help you make the most of this celebration with your closest ones.
Our Grand Suite is specially designed for romantic events, so it is perfect for the couple celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. Our junior suite can be ideal for your best man or your maid of honor.

Our Grand Suite has a king-size bed and a whirlpool bath, along with a lounge room equipped with kitchen. This one is a luxurious room decorated with romantic touches, so you experience the highest comfort in the best possible environment.
We recommend you to book your stay through our website, where you will find the best guaranteed fees. Of course, if you are booking directly with us, we will be able to make any changes desired or accomplish any desires you’d like to make true, without any intermediaries. We are sure we will be able fit your needs.
A stay at our charming hotel as a gift.

No matter if you decide to celebrate or not, or if you have a party somewhere else, La Masía La Mota is still a good place for silver wedding anniversaries, because a stay with us is the perfect gift for the couple celebrating. We offer different gift options:
Our promotional packages include:
• A romantic stay at our charming hotel, including one night stay, breakfast and a romantic dinner.
• Give dreams as a present. A pack including a one night stay for two people, breakfast and a courtesy gift.
• Wine route. This promotional package includes a one night stay at our charming hotel, breakfast, a romantic dinner, a detail from the hosts and a route through Celler de la Muntanya’s microvineyards.
• Weekdays relax getaway. This pack includes a romantic dinner, a bottle of wine as a gift from the hosts, a one night stay and a relaxing massage for the couple.

We can also offer different promotional packs for those who enjoy sports or want to get in touch with nature. You can find all of our promotions, pricing and availability visiting our website.

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